Mr and Mrs Grant

The Brief:

This lovely couple and their two young children wanted to create a room whereby the kitchen could be used as a practical working space but also an area where the children could sit and do homework when meals were being prepared. Of an evening the space needed to house a more informal area to relax and unwind.

The Conclusion:

The clients started their process by opting for unfloor heating to ensure the room had a cosy feel to it and was inviting and relaxing.

We discussed the orientation of the room with the clients and completely flipped things around to ensure that their casual seating area was cited at the bottom of the room in front of their lovely doors and windows to their vast garden. The tall bank of units was positioned facing into the space, displayed as a proud and prominent feature in the area. The island housed the dining able attached to allow the preparation of food whilst being able to oversee the children at the table.