How Safe Is The Quooker Tap?

How Safe Is The Quooker Tap?
September 10th 2019

We are often asked 'How safe is the Quooker tap?' as people are understandably wary of having boiling water straight from the tap.

The Quooker tap has many safety features to put your mind at ease.

Firstly, there is a double tap and twist mechanism to activate the boiling water making it child safe and the chances of accidentally turning it on are minimal.

Secondly, people notice that the boiling water is spluttery rather than a smooth stream. This is because the boiling water is aerated to reduce the risk of scolding - so much so we can run our hand through it and are safe!

Lastly, the spout is well insulated which means even when boiling water is flowing you can move the spout perfectly safely.

The efficiency and ease of use of this tap makes it a practical and beneficial addition to any kitchen! 


If you are considering a Quooker tap, visit our Kilmarnock showroom and see it for yourself!

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